Stephen Meadows

What do you do?

Why not grow in many directions?

Over the years, so many people have asked me a most difficult question, “What do you do?”

It has always disturbed me that our society in general requests most of us to choose one thing we wish to do for the rest of our lives and then be the best…

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About Me

On this rock, I have been quite lucky. There is no other word for it. I am not particularly exceptional at anything, but I have experienced and learned a great many things.

Along this passage, I managed to father three incredible children, dine with two Presidents, clean toilets on a freighter, build many structures, race motorcycles, skydive, fly a fighter plane, play football for the Georgia Bulldogs, own two paintings by van Gogh, travel the world, squire movie starlets, be a Marine, experience my fifteen minutes, be very broke, be wealthy, a disaster volunteer, an architect, musician, college professor, inventor, photographer, actor, complete two marriages, survive two heart attacks and win a battle with cancer. Many that have come before have done more with less, and others, less with more.

I have learned to trust my choices, and to support those that do the same. For without the pursuit of dreams, our time here is overcome with discontent.

My good fortune is that my life is complete.


2017 - Present

Retired and dreaming up new ideas


Defeated stage four cancer


Disaster relief volunteer in Sri Lanka


I became a father

1974 - 1983

Teaching at the University

1969 - 1973

US Marine Corps and college

1968 - 1969

Hopped a freighter in Miami and left home

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